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Author a bofi

Why author a "Book of Interviews" book?

Authoring a "Book of Interviews" book allows you to get recognition for writing a book. It also allows you to network when interviewing industry experts. Since will be part of the BofI family, a discount of 15% will be applied to a BOFI book of your choice.

What is the process of becoming a Bofi author?

Apply to author a book. Once approved, Wisdocity will provide the book format, emailing template, and a full team to help form questions and interview others.  Your team will consist of other people who want to be part of the book topic. If there are no volunteers to be part of the team, we will be in touch to help you. If you have your own team, please email us once you are approved to write the book. Once you receive all the material, such as the formatting and templates, you are free to write it as you please! 

What if I don't want to be the author but still want to work on a Bofi?

You can always apply to be part of the team for a topic. You won't be the author, but you will get recognition in the contributors section. Each team will consist of 5-10 people who can be editors, interviewers, and others. If you choose to be part of the team, you can also grow your network by joining the interviews with industry sources. You will also get a 15% discount on a BofI book of your choice.

What is the cost I pay and Royalty I get?

Authors- $20 per month

Team members- $10 per month

All books will be published on Amazon Kindle. Your team will receive 30% royalty on each book and 15% off a BofI of your choice.

Apply to author or join a team

Thanks for submitting!

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