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ABOUT Wisdocity

Wisdocity provides a platform to learn and become an expert in a topic directly from industry sources. The internet has an overflow of disorganized information, and finding direct information from experts usually takes hours. We thought, "wouldn't it be amazing to have a platform that organizes information on a topic with credible sources!" That's when the idea of Wisdocity was born. Our mission is to compile wisdom in one easily accessible location. We want to help others reduce their time spent on researching and becoming an expert. Through Wisdocity, we hope to share everyone's wisdom and knowledge. 


Career Interrupted

By Reena Gupta with Rebecca Cullen

The world is changing so fast, and nearly every industry has been disrupted by the digital revolution. How can you be sure to remain ready and relevant without losing the thread of what you love doing? Career Interrupted is not simply another one-size-fits-all advice book. It is the bible you will keep on your desk for years to come because our interactive methodology resonates on a very personal level. If you are experiencing a Career Interrupted, whether it is due to internal or external forces, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat and take charge of your situation to pursue the career of your dreams. The exercises at the end of every chapter will help you assess your values, strengths, and weaknesses and then align your core beliefs and talents with the right career path. At the end of the book, you will have a complete work-life canvas so you have a concrete roadmap to achieve that ever-elusive work-life harmony.


The book of interviews

The Book of Interviews (BOFI) is an upcoming series containing interviews from industry experts and sources. It is for anyone who wants to share their wisdom or learn from others experiences and knowledge. For those who don’t want to spend time doing research and organizing information from multiple sources, and want to attain concise knowledge faster. 

You can also submit an idea for a new topic, be interviewed for a book, author a book, or join a group! Apply now!

About BOFI
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