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Ritika Gupta

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


Reena Gupta

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Reena Gupta is living proof of how a small-town girl from India became a successful solo bootstrapped technopreneur with no business background, advanced business degrees, or connections. Reena launched two companies in the workforce development industry. She started out as an independent consultant, moving on to create an IT staffing and IT consulting company. She also founded a software company called Target Recruit, which is an applicant tracking system for staffing companies. Her current passion is the two companies that she started up–Mom Relaunch and Career Interrupted, which nurture and mentor the goldmine of hidden talent like stay-at-home parents, and people who are on their career crossroads for whatever reason. She fights for diversity and inclusion, reaching out to companies looking for talent who share the same vision.

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